The most important family, kids and young marketing event of the year
16 November 2016

Family, kids and young marketing

is a complicated jigsaw puzzle

We’ve created a unique format of event

that employs concept which makes all the pieces fall into right places.

Effective and ethical communication aimed at families, kids and young is a concept of combining three key perspectives, that of a parent, kid and brand, in marketing activities.

Parents teach kids how to see different brands, but as the time passes it is kids who introduce brands to their parents. Kids don’t choose particular brands without their parents and parents start to perceive them through kids’ needs. Those are just the most basic relations, but there is much more to it. Combining different perspectives means authenticity which makes the jigsaw puzzle much simpler and allows brands to discover new possibilities of development…

Family Thinking is the event for marketing professionals

professionals who develop brands related to family, kids and young.

It is for people who want to learn how to develop unique experience and get the involvement of parents, kids and young.

Through the format of the event which brings the participants together, we will enable exchange of knowledge, opinions and experience. We will introduce the three most important perspectives as they are seen by experts from diverse lines of business, both from Poland and abroad in a format unknown before in Poland.

Who are we?

We’re a group of family and kids marketing enthusiasts.

For over 8 years now we’ve been helping different brands effectively reach families, kids and young by creating unique full-service solutions and triggering constant growth.

We’re the geeks who like to gain and share knowledge. That’s why we’ve gathered diverse experts, guests and partners who are as passionate as we are.



carefully selected guests,
from the most recognizable brands



and experts from
Poland and abroad



of knowledge and insight
only now available in Poland



for effective communication
aimed at families, kids and young



of a unique on Polish market project
during the event

Meet our speakers

Family Thninking concept from various experts

Prelegent zagadka
Prelegent zagadka
Prelegent zagadka
Prelegent zagadka

Kids WOW Awards first time in Poland!

Children reward their favorite brands. What will be their choice?
We'll find out during the Family Thinking Forum.
Let's give them the stage for 20 minutes!

Timetable of the event

Three perspectives, three panels

Time Speaker Topic
Time Speaker Topic
Time Speaker Topic

Place of the event

Creative concept – creative space

Młocińska 5 / 7


A project for enthusiasts from enthusiasts

Research partner

Technological partner